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LED Intenso

LED Intenso lighting used as a main source of light, in combination with a delicate design of the lamp, will give a modern tone to any aquarium.


LED Intenso lighting is an aesthetic lamp that’ll spice up the look of your aquarium. The construction of this product allows to illuminate the whole tank. Due to the installation system, it can be used in aquariums with the glass thickness from 3 mm to 8 mm. LED Intenso lighting is equipped with length adjustment system, making them a perfect solution for nonstandard tanks. In lamps up to 40 cm we install one handle and for lamps over 50 cm there are two handles. Minimalistic design of LED Intenso lighting grants a modern, elegant look in your aquarium. It is available in two options: in cold white or white-blue-red light. Choosing the standard option you’ll get a product with lighting color close to the natural hue. Colored option supports the photosynthesis process and helps your plants grow.

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LED Intenso 4,3W
LED Intenso 5,7W
LED Intenso 7,2W
LED Intenso 10,1W
LED Intenso 13,0W
LED Intenso 15,8W
LED Intenso 21,6W
LED Intenso 27,4W
LED Intenso 33,1W
LED Intenso 4,3W COLOR
LED Intenso 5,7W COLOR
LED Intenso 7,2W COLOR
LED Intenso 10,1W COLOR
LED Intenso 13,0W COLOR
LED Intenso 15,8W COLOR
LED Intenso 21,6W COLOR
LED Intenso 27,4W COLOR
LED Intenso 33,1W COLOR
Power Amount of lumens Perfect for aquarium Index Compare Add to wish list
4,3W 378 20cm 116257
5,7W 504 25cm 116259
7,2W 630 30cm 116261
10,1W 882 40cm 116243
13W 1134 50cm 116245
15,8W 1386 60cm 116247
21,6W 1890 80cm 116249