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Budget 100 set
Product shape
Length : 100 cm
Width : 40 cm
Height : 117 cm
Volume : 200 dm3
Thickness : 8 mm
Lighting : 2x30 W
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Budget sets are classic in shape and size aquariums supplemented with plastic covers and plain furniture.

Set Budget 100 contains:

  • rectangular aquarium made of 8mm glass. Dimensions: 100cm long, 40cm broad, 50cm high.
  • plastic hood equipped in two 30W fluorescent tubes,
  • Budget cabinet, which is 100cm long, 40cm broad and 60cm high,
  • aquarium mat.


Set Budget 100 presents just an example of possible variation. Each element is in sale separately.

Are you looking for custom aquarium set of your dreams? It’s as simple as choosing tank in the right size and dimensions, pairing it with hood made in plastic or aluminium and supplementing the whole with cabinet of Budget, Comfort or Modern range.

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